Introducing Artist Krkoska, composition expressionist impressionist fusion of whatever works styles.

Beaches vibrate with colour and movement
City scenes are weaved by colour energies
Subjects playing on the set with intergrated characters
Enjoy Experience Entertain the emergent expressions by Krkoska

Expressions of explosive colour vibration and subject space-line energy
combine with the character subject compositions
augmented into the canvas a fascination of mixtures of elements
expressing natural and explored highlighted energies
sometimes the subject may be depicted in surreal settings

Devenport Parade
Devenport The Parade - 1800 x 520 - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2009

Peter Koren Aka Krkoska
Krkoska being my original birth name - origin is Czech and Slovakian adding a European Flavour to my artwork.
Interestingly also am related to Prussian and the Wends who still practice an original slovac language and customs.
Progressing intensely in my art for the last ten years beginning with in an expressionist style depicting energies and movement by colour dynamics and line interaction.
Recently the sytle has shifted slightly with impresssionistic and compostion surreal themes in fusion with the bright energetic expressionism.

21st Century Mug
21st Century Mug Overdrive - 1200 x 600 - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2009

Glenbrook Train
Glenbrook Express - 1200 x 660 - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2009

Bethells Energy
Bethells Beach energy lines drawn in the sand - 1530 x 540 - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2009

Karekare at dusk - 1200 x 400 - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2009

All Saints Lament
All Saints Lament - 1200 x 900 - Acrylic on Canvas 2012 (actually was a composition that I created from montage elements in 1978 when I was at Art Colllege and it includes scenes from Australia Table Top and All Saints Winery) Finally completed the painting in 2012.

I have upgraded some of these pictures in 2017 adding a little more depth with shadow and light dimensions hope you appreciate the improvements.

Lopdell Mr Atkinson - 900 x 450 - Acrylic on Canvas 2016
Lopdell House Titirangi.
West Auckland Landmark and eventful and historical place.
Mr Atkinson would be proud, his statue lives for this moment to be part of this scene.

Bethells Arise Shine
"What Time is it? Arise Shine" - 1000 x 500 - Acrylic on Canvas Remastered 2019 more definition, clouds energised, more atmosphere and depth.
(Contrast on figures overemphasised in image copy hard to remove)

Like a game changing Micheal Jones try, this is a moment in time to Arise Shine - hit a six like Brendon McCullum.
The Angel interrupts our mortal plane of existence with a resounding triumphant bugle, announcing the Kyros Moment -
we all have a message, a sound to give and this is the moment in time for New Zealand to Arise and Shine.
We could be just enjoying Bethels Beach and suddenly the sky is electric with energized clouds,
portrayed with a striking billowy rolling kinetic energy. There is a sense of the supernatural...
we can see an angel with the trumpet, a glimpse into the spiritual realm beyond.
Horse and Rider on a quest, while our previous Prime Minister keys away, all this pervaded by an atmosphere of harmony and well being,
set in the warm tones of the Bethel's Beach sands and a perfectly gorgeous skyline, waves lapping at the shore.
Be transported into this sublime, jubilant moment.
Arise, Shine your light has come!

Contributed commentary by Tracey Napa

NZ Native Bird Series - "Tui, Morepork, Woodpidgeon" - 380 x 380, 360 x 460, 380 x 380 - Acrylic on Canvas - Reworked 2019 birds more defined and backgrounds improved

"Cheltenham" - 380 x 750 - Acrylic on Canvas 2017

"Birds View Murawai Beach" - 15" x 30" - Acrylic on Canvas 2018

Piha Lion Rock
"Formations, Faces, Lion Rock Piha"
As the sun sets at Lion Rock Piha a renowned west coast beach in West Auckland formations and faces appear in the clouds, this is looking west.
16" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas 2018

3 Lamps Ponsonby
"3 Lamps" - Ponsonby 15" x 30" - Acrylic on Canvas 2018

Super Position means things overlapped superimposed in two places at once, quantum occupation of space, time, past and present variables.
Building blocks 01 are composition, repetition in brickworks, concrete constructions, this is our developing place, West Auckland the Super City Hub.
15" x 30" - Acrylic on Canvas 2018

3 Lamps Ponsonby
"The Mall"
In the Mall capturing our people, our place, this is West Auckland in New Lynn Mall, it can be just the place you need to go,
it can be a vibrant, colourful gathering of many variant people.
12" x 24" - Acrylic on Canvas 2018

12" x 16" - Acrylic on Canvas 2018

Claks Airfoce Revolution
"Clarks Airforce Revolution"
40" x 20" - Acrylic on Canvas 2019
At Clark House in Hobsonville, the famed Airforce personalities gather in resurgence of flighty days gone by, its a revolution my friend,
they are back like never before and is that Jean Batten?
The aerial exploits live on at Clark House a Heritage West Auckland house with history, ideal for an epic Airforce Party.

Permissions granted for use of images of airforce personal depicted, derived from and represented as source of inspiration.
State Library of Queensland and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). As referenced, redesigned reconstructed artist impression.

Meet in the Middle
"Meet in the Middle, Fragmented Emotional Tracks at KareKare"
40" x 16" - Acrylic on Canvas 2019
Convoluted complexities, attraction, correlation to multiple tracks splitting into quantum entanglement communications written into what is and what could be.
Connections are mesmerised at KareKare Beach, see the clouds gather in energy charged atmospheres and carry on in mixed emotional messages,
fragments flash their senses of colour spectrums, carrier signals on the network of personal media communications,
sender to receiver transmission somewhere meeting in the middle.
Permutations and Combinations Formulated into possible message "I am the Dolphin!"

"Bethells Vibrations and Frequencies"
30" x 12" - Acrylic on Canvas 2019
Bethells Beach West Auckland where momentous light exists as waves and frequencies of various colours,
dynamic beauty augmented occurrences alight the beach front.

All matter is constructed by light vibrations at a certain frequency forming energy particles
We see objects and figures as shapes and colour and shadows with light reflection in this world which are visible to our natural eyes.
Only the spiritual realm is not visible as these entities are operating in higher frequencies beyond the speed of light but still are composed of light and energy as the Creator has ordained in wisdom
I have perceived a light force in all of creation and see a life energy contained in this perceived world what we call reality
Painting is a delight of expression of this life using the elements of line colour space and the character idiosyncrasies of human behaviour
Even buildings composed of inorganic material has a life energy which I like to portray in paintings
Rocks and formations and also mountains contain like a memory of the land and what has been, which can be expressed telling a story.


Ponsonby Night Life Paintings and

Auckland Digital Window Finalist in Emerging Artist Awards TCAC 2011

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